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Each DermMatch unit includes:

  • Disc(s) of your choice. Each disc last an average of 8 months
  • 3 Ez Applicators per unit
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions with big photos
  • Helpful, knowledgeable support for your questions


Instructions for using DermMatch

DermMatch can be applied to a wet or dry scalp.

1. To apply DermMatch, wet the EZ applicator until it is moist but never soaking.

2. Rub the applicator lightly on the DermMatch disc until it is coloured.

3. Pass the EZ applicator with DermMatch over your scalp in the required areas.

4. Once you’ve coloured the areas that you desire, brush your hair as you normally would. This will distribute the thickening agents throughout your hair, giving perfect coverage of your scalp.

Let DermMatch dry (less than 5 minutes). You can use a hair dryer to dry DermMatch.

If you have very short hair (close shaved), if you have curled your hair or permed it and don’t want to get it wet…you can apply DermMatch to dry hair.

Before the applied product has dried completely, comb your hair again to remove any excess.

Now you’ll enjoy great volume!


Other Ways to use DermMatch

DermMatch offers more ways of usage:
  • DermMatch for beards and mustaches with irregularities or bald spots. Also serves to provide more density to these areas.
  • DermMatch for eyebrows. Is used to provide more density and color to sparsely populated eyebrows. Very natural results are obtained. In case of depopulated eyebrows, DermMatch is used to design and fill the eyebrow.
  • DermMatch for gray hair. When DermMatch is applied to an area with gray hair or even one gray hair, it will gain coloring by eliminating the gray color.
  • DermMatch for the hair split. This is a perfect solution for all women who dye their hair, but shortly after the hair split shines through, giving away their actual color. With DermMatch you can color the hair split, without having to dye all over again, just to cover the hair split.
  • DermMatch for scalp scars. Dermatologists, trichologists and specialists use DermMatch after hair restoration surgery to cover scars from wounds and operations.


How to Pick Your Color

Look in the mirror. Look at your hair root color in the area of loss. This is the color to match.

  • If you dye your hair one color, match that color.
  • If you have highlighted ends with darker roots, match the root color.
  • If your hair color falls between shades or if your hair is turning grey, you can blend colors.

Like an artist’s palette, all DermMatch colors are blendable. Blend the colors right on the tip of your applicator or apply one color on top of the other for a perfect match.

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