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What is DermMatch?


DermMatch is hair make-up. DermMatch disguises or cloaks bald spots or areas with thinning hair. Available in 8 colors.

It has several usages, the main one is to disguise areas with thinning hair.

It works on men and women alike, it works on any type of skin and hair.

Besides, is easily applied, adds volume to your hair and covers your scalp to coincide with the color of your hair, covering thinning areas and bald spots. DermMatch is undetectable and makes the lack of hair and baldness unnoticeable.

DermMatch will stay in your hair until you scrub it out with any type of shampoo.

What makes DermMatch different from other products is that it will not wash off through contact with water, DermMatch stays on so well you can swim with it!

Dermmatch will protect you 24 hours a day.


Other ways to use DermMatch 


  • For beards and mustaches with irregularities or bald spots. Also serves to provide more density to these areas.
  • For eyebrows. Is used to provide more density and color to sparsely populated eyebrows. Very natural results are obtained. In case of depopulated eyebrows, you can use it to design and fill the eyebrow.
  • For gray hair. When it is applied to an area with gray hair or even one gray hair, it will gain coloring by eliminating the gray color.
  • For the hair split. This is a perfect solution for all women who dye their hair, but shortly after the hair split shines through, giving away their actual color. You can color the hair split, without having to dye all over again, just to cover the hair split.
  • For scalp scars. Dermatologists, trichologists and specialists use DermMatch after hair restoration surgery to cover scars from wounds and operations.




DermMatch is applied using a precision applicator.

This allows for easy but precise application. EZ applicators give you the control required to create a natural looking hairline, a delicate area requiring great precision.

Dry application gives perfect results for short hair, closely shaved hair, bald areas and beards. Dry application also works perfectly for permed hair, as well as curly and braided hair.

With your purchase you’ll receive a booklet explaining the application process step by step, with enlarged photos and useful tips.



You’ll be able to swim, dive, get wet in the rain, sweat or practice any type of sport without fear of DermMatch washing off. It’s safe to swim and dive at the beach and in swimming pools, DermMatch is perfectly water resistant. With DermMatch, unforeseen rain will not ruin your hairdo, nor will it stain or seep out. When performing physical activities or any type of sport, sweat will not wash DermMatch out of your hair. If you roll down your car window or you find yourself in a strong wind, DermMatch will not be blown away from your hair. No unexpected wind will be able to ruin your hairdo.

You can swim in pools and at the beach, including submerging yourself completely. Relax, floating at the pool, work or play outside in heavy rain, or simply work up a sweat at the gym. DermMatch is water, wind and sweat resistant.

Besides, is composed of natural ingredients that increase the thickness of the hair shaft. If you have tried a product based on keratine fibers you’ll be impressed.



DermMatch is a cosmetic product in hard powder form. You’ll use less with each application than other products would require. Buy and save money.

Each disc lasts on average 6 to 8 months (depending on the size of the area of application).



If you have bald patches or thinning areas and want to conceal or reduce them, DermMatch is for you.

Besides, you can applied it along the hairline if you have a minimal amount of hair in this area.

The product is suitable for men and women of all ages.

It works with all hair types and skin colours, and you can use it in conjunction with other products such as minoxidil.

Can be used on transplanted hair.

After a hair transplant using either FUE or FUT technology, DermMatch is safe to use after the incision has healed over.


Let me tell you how much confidence it gives me daily, especially since I am a barber. Have you ever heard the line, “…never trust a bald barber or a skinny chef?” Well thanks to you, my clients don’t believe that first part applies to me. By the way, I have tried other products, such as the infamous spray paint type application. Believe me nothing compares to a product that looks great and doesn’t wipe off in the most crucial of situations.

Ryan “The Barber”

Hello! My name is Maria Benson and I am so happy that I was introduced to DermMatch. It has literally given me a second chance at life. I am now not afraid to go out and really “live”. I used to be afraid to go swimming, get my pictures taken, go under fluorescent lighting or even out in the sun. Not now, I feel like I can do all of the above and not have to worry about it at all. I was really surprised that DermMatch really improved the thick looking appearance of my hair.

Maria Benson

After being frustrated with the first sprays and powders, I’ve never really believed in concealers but I thought I should give DermMatch a try and I got surprised right after the first usage. Unbelievable results that makes some people ask if I am wearing a wig! Thanks to the density that DermMatch provides, I look years younger! I use it daily with no side effects or inconveniences whatsoever.

Edson Caltabiano

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