How to use DermMatch?





Applying DermMatch is very simple, follow these 4 steps:

1.To apply DermMatch, wet the EZ applicator until it is moist but never soaking.

2. Rub the EZ applicator lightly on the DermMatch disc until it is coloured.

3.Pass the EZ applicator with DermMatch over your scalp in the required areas.

4.Once you’ve coloured the areas that you desire, brush your hair as you normally would. This will distribute the thickening agents throughout your hair, giving perfect coverage of your scalp.

Let DermMatch dry (less than 4 minutes). You can use a hair dryer to dry DermMatch.


If you have very short hair (close shaved), if you have curled your hair or permed it and don’t want to get it wet…you can apply DermMatch to dry hair.

Before the applied product has dried completely, comb your hair again to remove any excess.

Now you’ll enjoy great volume!


Feel protected 24 hours a day with DermMatch, DermMatch does not fail!



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